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Welcome to Extreme Stripers, your ultimate guide to the best striped bass fishing spots in Georgia and beyond! In this page, we’re going to focus on some of the top lakes and rivers in the southern United States where you can experience the thrill of catching striped bass.

First up, we have Lake Allatoona, a 12,000-acre lake located in northern Georgia that offers excellent year-round fishing opportunities for striped bass, as well as other game fish.

Next, we have Lake Lanier, a massive 38,000-acre reservoir that is home to some of the largest striped bass in the region, as well as other popular game fish such as largemouth bass and spotted bass.

Moving on to Carters Lake, this scenic lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia boasts clear, deep waters that make it a prime spot for catching trophy-sized striped bass.

West Point Lake, situated on the border of Georgia and Alabama, is another popular destination for striped bass fishing, offering a variety of habitats and conditions that make for a challenging and exciting experience.

For those who prefer river fishing, we recommend the Etowah River, a 164-mile-long waterway that flows through northwestern Georgia and offers excellent striped bass fishing, particularly in the colder months.

The Chattahoochee River, which stretches from the mountains of north Georgia down to Florida, is another prime spot for striped bass fishing, offering year-round opportunities to catch these hard-fighting fish.

The Coosa River, a major tributary of the Alabama River, is home to some of the largest striped bass in the region, as well as other popular game fish such as spotted bass and crappie.

Finally, we have the Oostanaula River, a 49-mile-long river in northwestern Georgia that is renowned for its trophy-sized striped bass and scenic beauty.

No matter which of these lakes and rivers you choose, you can count on Extreme Stripers to provide expert guidance, top-of-the-line equipment, and an unforgettable fishing experience.

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Fish the Amazing Coosa River for Stripped Bass
Coosa River
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